the blessing of the pisces rising

nat lall

collage of memes about pisces rising people

There is a high chance that astrology is a load of bollocks but there are a few things I get out of it. Actually one or two things are very useful.

The first is a sense of belonging because for some reason astrology is a predominant part of lesbian culture. Don’t ask me why. I don’t really care why. Why not? I mean I was forced to study Christianity for a lot longer…lmao.

Anyway, I also find that regular horoscopes give me a sense of focus. That’s super useful for me. I find a lot of truth, or at least correlation, in my chart.

My Leo Sun is a fixed sign with few conjunctions. It represents my core identity and values. The fixed status reflects a stability in these values. The Leo sign has associations with confidence and passion. I have firm beliefs deep down. I am happy about that. But I need balance in my other placements to help those beliefs surface.

My Capricorn Moon is a messy cardinal sign with lots of conjunctions. The cardinal status represents a need to take initiative and a sense of restlessness. The Moon represents your body, your basic needs. Sustenance. Both mental and physical. Yup, this one’s hard. I’m still working on it.

And my Pisces Rising is somewhere in the middle. It’s a mutable sign. It goes in and out. It is great at preserving energy. Which is fantastic as clearly there is some misbalance between my strong Leo core and the fragile Capricorn shell that contains it.

Your rising sign is kinda like the voice inside your head. And Pisces is an emotional, introspective sign. My Pisces Rising is the voice of reason in my head. It reminds my Leo core to let my Capricorn body to take a breather when it is most vulnerable. It comforts my core beliefs through reassurance and patience. It is the psychiatrist of my Leo values. It absorbs my strong Leo politics and ethics and processes them slowly. Allowing them to be churned out at a much slower rate. A rate that allows my fragile Capricorn body to not get too overwhelmed. And offers affirmative feedback to my Leo core that yes, those core values are most worthy and we want to ensure that they are pushed out in a manner that gives them due time and attention.

SO, why am I telling you this? I am telling you this as I want to share my introspection, preservation and mediation techniques with you. Particularly, as they help me navigate emotional and political situations. I know how to spend my energy wisely, for the most.

You develop your rising sign in early adulthood. I did not have this calm little counsellor in my head during my childhood. I have experienced life with and without it. And wow has it made a difference. I feel more nourished now.

Here is an example of my Pisces Rising working its magic in a tricky situation in my early adult life:

At age 19, I fall ill and am diagnosed with a life-changing chronic illness. My Moon body simply does not have the strength to travel, be independent or even communicate socially. My Leo heart is broken. I have only just left my childhood home. I have not yet had a chance to live out the values and pleasures of my Leo core. I am claustrophobic. I go from one trap to the next.

In comes my Pisces Rising, still in her early stages, to tell me that there are many kinds of bodies. The family home as a body, my flesh and bones as a body. They are containers. There are other containers. I moved through the surrogate body of my nurse, my support worker, my lover, my mother and my friends.

And then the most unexpectedly wonderful thing happened. The Disabled Students Association got me a MacBook Pro. Lol. I had never owned such a fancy bit of tech before. I was an annoying hippy analogue kid before. Dis-gos-teng!

I got REALLY into the internet and online worlds and cyborg living or something. I got funding for tools and books that helped me explore and develop my ideas and read loads and have amazing daydreams even when I was stuck in bed all day. I let my Leo core develop while my Capricorn body healed.

And when my physical body got a bit better I became a post-internet artist and an electronic DJ. My inners and outers were at their best.

It was pretty fun. My bod[ies] are my temple[s].

Thank you bb Pisces!

Looking back on my teens I was probably ill for a while. But I did not have the tools to help my core and my body simultaneously. That little voice of wisdom, the pisces rising, helped me find a way. I blew out mentally and physically a few times in my teens. I didn’t want that to happen again. I can delegate my energy much better now.

So how can this story help you, the reader? Who perhaps doesn’t have a pisces rising guardian in your head?


Well, you can borrow a few tips from mine. Tips to be your own mediator, slow down your thought-to-action process and understand that there are ways to make limited energy reserves sustainable. And one good way to practically execute these tips is through compiling and studying your astrology chart. And again, astro charts are also fun and gay so that’s a bonus.