Navi Kaur

sandwich on a kitchen worktop


Navi Kaur’s work is inspired by the lives of her paternal grandparents, Surinder (‘Budimom’) and Karamjit (‘Baba Ji’). She intimately and playfully documents themes of domestic, cultural, and spiritual significance.

I Centre You comprises two short films that place narratives of minoritised voices at their centre – in this case the Punjabi traditions housed in modern day Britain. They give insight into Kaur’s grandparents’ day-to-day routines, highlighting their dedication to their Sikh faith, despite being unable to visit the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) during the isolating lockdown period.

You are invited to rest, reflect and reimagine how your own rituals can play a wider part in your daily activities, from reciting prayer at specific times of the day to lovingly and carefully making a sandwich for someone close to you.


Videostill: 5:22pm (2020)