Working with artists from different intersections

as well as allowing room for non-linear, opaque and partial practices which don’t fit historicising colonial narratives of institutions and economies, i.e. questioning notions of transparency, progress and freedom when our democratic and cultural leaders are so regressive and corrupt;


Listening to artists how best to approach each collaboration

being flexible and willing to adjust my working practices and expectations to the conditions they are affected by. Equally, I also try to check in with myself in this way;


Waiting until the end of the commissioning process to apply a curatorial theme connecting the works

the latest update to Flatness being the ‘unflattening’ of the project with many works being purposefully undocumented. This thinking will inform the next steps of the project;


Working horizontally and in relation

referencing other curators and activity relevant to the works – as part of an already decentralised supportive network;


Including interactive elements to the site

to foster audience feedback, which institutions don’t often prioritise. It feels important to remain accountable in a moment when the free press is endangered by the majority of our news coming via Ggl or FB for whom it doesn’t pay to discriminate between journalism and misinformation. As well as feedback there’s nothing stopping artists from curating their own shows on the feed.