3 Week Course: Curating for Digital Platforms at Camden Art Centre, London.

Wednesdays, 18 and 25 September, 2 October 2019 (course has now finished)
6.30 – 9.00pm

Writer and curator Shama Khanna will lead this course considering ways of reimagining the web through curation.

Session 1: Networked Culture
This session will provide a short history of the web and networked culture to date using the website as a case study. This long-term research and commissioning project addresses the conditions of working semi-digitally whilst exploring the potentials of art distributed via screens and its discourses to express and share subjective and collective desires within the professionalised art world.

Session 2: The Politics of the Screen
The session will ask: how do we look past the supposed neutrality of the screen interface to identify the agents contributing to its evolution as a tool for free expression and experimentation? Comparing different social media platforms’ business models and key artists’ subversion of them we will look towards possible alternatives. We will consider how marginalised artists and practitioners have been able to share knowledge and build solidarity online, to impact the wider art world.

Session 3: Non-linear approaches in image-making and curating
We will use this session to consider our relational positions, trying out non-linear, anti-colonial methodologies which are: embodied and disidentified; ‘too much’ and distasteful; supportive and distributed in order to question traditional understandings of progress and transparency. How can these approaches be applied to community, art and its legacies?