Andreana Fatta

lit candles in a shrine superimposed on an image of a figure walking along a darkened shoreline


Andreana Fatta’s practice addresses the colonial history of Cyprus and how this has affected the culture and identity of the island’s citizens. This work focuses on archiving family footage and materials. These merge with the artist’s own experiences of Cyprus, her own displacement and the concept of the Buffer Zone or Green Line.

United Nations Buffer Zone divides the island into north and south. Cyprus has become a country where borders and checkpoints are normalised. Fatta’s current research and artworks reflect her experience of going through the Buffer Zone in the capital Lefkosia (also known as Nicosia), which remains the only divided capital in the world. The film contains found footage taken in 1981, including clips of Fatta’s uncles trying to find their abandoned home from within the Buffer Zone. Alongside the film, a green line runs through the gallery space from east to west, mirroring that of the island.

Video still from: Μια Ατελείωτη Συνομιλία (An Endless Conversation) (2020)