Non Linear

The Non-Linear screening series (2017 +) imagines collaborative processes and erotic immersion in place of mounting egos, overpowering criticality and fantasy futures. These latter tropes can be read as symptoms of individualising structures of control which have come to involve media making mediums of its users.

To date, Non-Linear events have taken place at Close-up, London, warehouse, Berlin, CCA Glasgow (with LUX Scotland) and LIMA, Amsterdam, supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

Dark Cinema

Featuring works by Camilo Restrepo, Alia Syed, Charlotte Prodger, Dan Walwin, James Richards & Leslie Thornton and Ulijona Odišarija. With a written response shared by Stanley Schtinter.

All of the works have literal darkness in them – what does this kind of seeing in the dark permit? Other references assimilate darkness: subterranean and submerged (beneath the liquid screen?) post-human visions transmitted via inverted and black and white imaging; chiaroscuro and carefully lit performance; mirroring and enfolded, intimate narratives. Here artificial darkness is privileged over scenes filmed in daylight, which come as a shock or aberration.

Magnets 1+ 2

Featuring works by Sin Wai Kin (FKA Victoria Sin), Rachel Reupke, Charles Lofton, Evan Ifekoya, Sebastian Buerkner, Korakrit Arunanondchai and Nazli Dinçel with a public reading by Rachal Bradley. With a written response shared by Kate Paul.

The screening Magnets addresses different identities in production, specifically in relation to others around us. Many of the works take physical props and real-time interactions as their points of focus; and we watch how these enhance dynamics of attraction, contradiction and confluence.

Man Made Man Way

Featuring works by belit sağ, Moyra Davey, Margaret Salmon & Morgan Knibbe. With a written response shared by Natasha marie Llorens.

4 recent video works take on apparently immovable subjects and historical norms, inflecting them with feminist and feminising perspectives and methodologies.

Drastically Advanced Regression

A screening event and installation with works by Jumana Manna, Morgan Quaintance and Hardeep Pandhal. With a written response shared by Zarina Muhammad.

Somehow it’s possible, from positions of structural adversity, to manifest pleasure with powerful intent. Through the ritualistic, the celebratory and the disobedient, these three works create space for indeterminacy, and unexpected or disallowed forms and practices of resistance which help to destroy the drastically advanced regression that works in and on and through us.