Jack Jeans


Different colour copies of Bee Zine in red, green and pink

Bee zine: Solitary:Solidarity

Compiled by Jack Jeans with paintings by Ruzha Kazandjieva

Bee Zine: Solitary:Solidarity by Jack Jeans builds solidarity with solitary bees and private renters to protect biodiversity and improve living conditions. Where homeowners and honey bees are the only one prioritised, we all lose out.

The zine launched at the Presse Books Fair in June 2023, held downstairs from the special bee homes Jack installed in Peveril Gardens after our Swap Shop in January. The risoprinted zine will soon be available to buy and is also available as a free download.

Place your order via PAYPAL (paypal.me/QDFbyFlatness) to receive a copy of the printed zine for £4.50.

The process is a little clunky unfortunately, but can be broken down into the following steps:

– First, choose the ‘send’ (not ‘request’) money option

– To ensure all your ££ goes towards the cost of the zine please choose the ‘friends and family’ payment option.

– Lastly, add your address in the “What’s this payment for?” box. We will be in touch in the coming weeks to confirm your details for delivery.


Jack Jeans is a teacher at Walworth Garden and volunteers on a variety of community growing initiatives as well as experimenting and developing new regenerative growing methods, closing waste stream loops and building healthy soil.

Jack enjoys building ecosystems and bringing regenerative growing practices into horticulture through learning and exchange. For the swap shop there will be bee homes and pollinating seed bombs to distribute through the garden and local area to provide refuge, food and forage for solitary bees.



handrawn text, almost dripping with honey, with bees hovering over it reads, solitary solidarity bee