Hannah Satz

open notebook showing handwriting and postcard used as bookmark

Notebook Score #2: The line of the hand throws the mind out of the body

This notebook practice represents a release of thought and feeling, in some sense counter to the control or fixity of Writing. It’s flighty – the motion of writing long-hand is another way of running  but the connection from hand to gut is also grounding; it earths me. I read fragments from the end of February to the end of April 2020, here and there; paragraphs, lines, or words from flicked through pages, self-censoring as I stumble and flow. It is meant, even in its inward-looking, to be a form of openingan offering.

I cite:
Trinh T. Minh-ha, Woman, Native, Other
Nisha Ramayya, States of the Body Produced by Love
Fanny Howe, “Purgatory”


Hannah Satz is a writer and editor on art, places and relations. Her work has been published in Afterall, Art MonthlyThe New InquiryThe White Review, and others. Her current project writes around the loss, extension, and breakage of kinship.