Hybridise or Disappear

Screening curated by Oliver Laric as part of the ‘Flatness: Cinema after the Internet’ thematic programme for Oberhausen Short Film Festival 2013.

“I don't think the selected movies have been shown in this constellation before. I doubt that the authors have previously been included in the same screening. Now, shown in sequence, they generate a new film. Raekwon and GZA have both described the Wu Tang Clan as Voltron, a super robot that is constructed from individual vehicles joining together. Hopefully this selection will be Voltron-esque, a whole greater than the sum of its parts (a phrase supposedly coined by Aristotle). This new film will further be modified by your viewing position, by the noise level of the audience, by the person sitting next to you, by the movies you have seen before and the movies you will see after. Mikhail Bakhtin developed the notion of dialogism, a concept in which works from the past, present and future inform and affect each other continuously. And he was probably influenced by Dostoevsky, and Dostoevsky was probably influenced by Cervantes, and their works like any works are all influenced by us experiencing them.” - Oliver Laric

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Chris Marker Stopover in Dubai, 2011, video, colour, sound, 21 minutes

Dubai, Hamas Mahmoud al-Mahbouh, GNTV, Mossad

Stephen Malinowski Bach, "Little" Fugue (G minor, BWV 578), 2013,video, colour, sound, 4 minutes

Fugue, Music Animation Machine, MIDI, Synesthesia

Martin Missfeldt How to Paint a Realistic Eye with Photoshop, 2012, video, colour, sound, 2 minutes 30 seconds

Speed Painting, Photoshop, Tutorial, Eye, How to

Kai Kostack Knitted Clothing Simulation at Ultra High Detail, 2012, video, colour, sound, 30 seconds

CGI, Detail, Fabric, Woven, Macro, Slow Motion

Petra Cortright VVEBCAM, 2007, video, colour, sound, 1 minute 43 seconds

Webcam, Selfportrait, Icons, Youtube

Ben Harvey Archaeology: A Line Rider Short Film, 2010, video, colour, sound, 2 minutes 30 seconds

Drawing, animation, sled, speed

Oliver Laric Versions, 2012, video, colour, sound, 6 minutes 16 seconds

Reformation, iconoclasm, hybrid, interstitial, rashomon