"It is the flattest and the dullest parts that in the end have the most life."

Robert Bresson

Kate Hawkins & Eloise Fornieles Untitled (Hooks), 2011

Gil Leung Falling Into or Against (Compression Mix), 2013, HD video, colour, sound, 3 minutes 30 seconds

‘Falling Into or Against’ (2013) by Gil Leung

‘Some Antecedents (of the screen based image)’ 2013 by Anthea Hamilton

‘After Earth’ 2013 by Isobel Harbison

‘The Moving Image’ 2013 by Jason Dungan

‘Watching a Werner Herzog Film on Kickstarter: On neoliberal creativity, the logic of business, and the regime of art’ 2013 by Mercedes Bunz

‘Carton Charisma and the Cucumber Orca’ 2013 by Nicholas Hatfull

‘Flatlands - VIP’ 2013 by Jonathan P Watts

‘Learning from IKEA: Flatness Unpacked’ 2013 by Pil & Galia Kollectiv

'Manual Labours Manual' 2013 by Sophie Hope & Jenny Richards

Introduction and glossary

Manual Labours Manual, Issue 1 PDF

‘Use Me Up - Exhaustion and the limits of the potential to perform’ 2007 by Jan Verwoert

Eva Weinmayr Facts and Faxes, 1998

‘Misrecognising Narcissus’ 2010 by Mark Fisher

Duncan Marquiss Midday, 2011, 16mm transferred to DV, b/w, silent, 3 minutes

‘Flattening of Affect’ 2013 by Duncan Marquiss

Robert M Ochshorn Chewing Time, 2013, video with custom player, 12 minutes

‘Chewing This Interminable Present’ 2013 by Anthony Iles

‘I am inventing you as you are’ 2013 by Ed Atkins

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