Flatness: Cinema after the Internet

Thematic programme curated by Shama Khanna at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, May 2013


Catalogue essay

Festival magazine

Screening 1: ‘Global Self’

Screening 2: ‘Falling into or Against’

Screening 3: ‘Animated Human’

Screening 4: ‘A Movement’

Screening 5: ‘Hybridise or Disappear’ curated by Oliver Laric, 2013

Screening 6: ‘Flatness’

Screening 7: ‘Some Antecedents (of the screen based image)’ curated by Anthea Hamilton, 2013

Screening 8: ‘I am inventing you as you are (baselessness)’ curated by Ed Atkins, 2013

'The Future of Cinema’ Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith for Arte Creative

'The Future of Cinema’ Arte web application download Total Flex II, 2013 by Adham Faramawy

'Fear of a Flat Planet' John Beagles in Sight & Sound Magazine, July 2013